Wisdom-Cordless Cap Lamp Set


Model Number: WIS 4A Set

Category: Safety,Wisdom Lamps

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Wisdom 4A Set


Modes: High – Up to 533 lumens / Medium – Up to 265 lumens/ Low – Up to 50 lumens
Run time: High – Up to 5hrs / Medium – Up to 13hrs / Low – Up to 60hrs
Beam distance: High – up to 316m / Medium – Up to 219m / Low – Up to 85m
Water resistant: IP68
Stainless steel/nickel adjustable bracket
LED Charging indicator Red – charging Green – Fully charged
USB rechargeable – USB Charging cable + USB AC Adaptor
Magnetic connector for Android and iPhone
Polycarbonate lenses and Head strap
Charge time: 5hrs
Li-ion battery x 2 Panasonic 3.5 Volts 3500mAh

Optional Charging Accessories
Desktop Charger – WIS Desk Charger
Charging rack


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