Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube Kit


Model Number: HSKIT

Category: Marine

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Waterproof tube shrinks to fit over cables
and wiring harnessing
Ideal for marine, automotive and any wiring
Shrink ratio 3:1

7.9 x 75mm black colour 10pcs
9.5 x 75mm black colour 8pcs
12.7 x 75mm black colour 6pcs
12.7 x 45mm red colour 6pcs
9.5 x 45mm red colour 8pcs
7.9 x 45mm red colour 10pcs
6.4 x 45mm black colour 6pcs
6.4 x 45mm red colour 6pcs
4.8 x 45mm black colour 10pcs
4.8 x 45mm red colour 10pcs
3.2 x 45mm black colour 20pcs
3.2 x 45mm red colour 20pcs


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