10 Watt Solar Panel & Controller Kit


Model Number: SLR-10WKIT

Category: Marine

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Semi flexible 10 watt / 0.56 Amp ETFE solar panel designed to have high corrosive resistance with a wide operating temperature range (-185 to +150).

Comes complete with 5 meter cable and waterproof connectors.

Net weight of 580 Grams. Anti adhesion surface making it a highly stain resistant and easy to clean.

Size 360mm x 250mm x 2.5mm. Water proof IP68 material ETFE (Ethylene tetra  fluoro ethylene) is a fluorine based plastic resin which are resistant to ultra violet light, its membrane life expectancy is at least 25 years.

The material does not block UV light to ensure natural light enters the panel and increases the transferring efficiency together with high energy radiation properties

Intelligent 12V DC / 10 AMP multi – purpose solar charger and discharge controller, LCD graphic symbol control

Automatic identification system voltage level, intelligent PWM charge mode, auto temperature sensing, adjustable charge – discharge parameters

Reverse polarity protection and overload short circuit protection


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